In Florida they flock!


It appears we are in for an early spring or summer depending on your point of view in Florida. For starters, the robins have arrived! The American Robins, the ones with the traditional orange rust bellies.

In Denver, I always felt honored to see a robin which pretty much symbolized ‘spring’ was around the corner. After that first sighting, you might see a robin or two after a heavy rain when they would hunt for worms in yards and on sidewalks.

In Florida they flock! I can’t believe I have a backyard full of them. I was speechless, I was shocked, I was so totally in awe and enjoying my own zen moment, until my ‘killjoy’ husband had to remind me that, “this is where they flock to in the winter. Where do you think they go when they fly south?” Oh yeah, I’m in Florida, Florida is in the south, the south is their winter vacation spot. Yep, time for everyone to make fun of the “Denver girl” once again.

Anyway, if you ever have the opportunity, it’s a sight to behold. Best kitty TV everrr meows my cats!

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