Mazel tov it’s a Doxle!

Mazel tov it’s a boy! Yes, the search is finally over and last week I fell in love and brought home the latest addition to our family,” Lucky Lou”. When I started my search I combed through all the usual classifieds, shelters and rescue operations on a daily basis. After all said and done he was found on Craigslist.

Is this not a handsome little man?


This will be the 5th home/6th house that we know of in his short 3 years of life. We know of home #1 with a elderly lady, home #2 was the Jacksonville shelter as a Hurricane Irma rescue, adopted out to home #3, who later moved to house #4, and now adopted by us making this #5 which is his forever home. This little guy has been through a lot for his short years. I wonder what thoughts are going through his mind as he watches the miles go by leaving his old home to come to his forever home.  I am so glad his former owner selected us as Lucky’s new owners and due to our location we were not local.

Lucky Lou is a “Doxle” which means he is a cross between a Dachshund and a Beagle! I’m not too sure about the Beagle part but after owning Dachshunds it can’t be that different or could it? Now the real adventures begin.


Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Today we are scheduled to visit and pick up Lucky Lou.

Tuesday morning: I laid out blankets both our cats love to sleep on inside the car with the windows up. It’s my “backseat marinade” letting the scent permeate throughout the car with the scent of the cats.  Although it’s nothing we humans can smell, it is something the dog would. I also freezed ½ a thermo of water so I could add water to the ice for the long drive back.

Tuesday afternoon:  We got home a little later than expected after picking up Lucky. We also decided to make a pit stop along the way home to pick up a couple of Papa Murphy’s. After all, what dog doesn’t like a little cheese pizza in his life?

With a new yard, new house and cats! he was on leash detail for the evening. Since he just endured a 2 hour+  car ride a walk was in order for him to get the lay of the land and burn off some of that nervous energy he was working with. I felt a little like Mufasa in The Lion King. ‘Look Lucky, everything the sun touches is your kingdom’. Needless to say, Lucky was overwhelmed and wanted to sniff, mark and chase everything he saw.

Returning to the house, we made sure the cats and cat food were not accessible and let him loose to explore on his own. It went OK but I was still unsure about his reaction to the cats, their reaction to him, if he would ‘mark’ territory (my carpet & furniture), and what his bathroom schedule was. You see, Lucky was used to a doggie door so information on his potty habits were a tad sketchy. We were fortunate his owner gave us some of his food and treats as a starter kit, and favorite blanket and toys so he wouldn’t feel abandoned and alone. Tonight would be plenty of pizza, belly rubs, head rubs, brushing and coddling while watching the Westminister Dog Show. Tonight he would also sleep in a kennel with me by his side outside. Tomorrow, we would all start off to a new day.



As for the cats? I think I can safely speak on behalf of both: What, another dog? It’s not staying, is it? The thing is… I have two cats that have been with us for 14 going on 15 years so Lucky Lou would have to adapt to the cats since they were here first. What we are looking at is time and patience before both sides accept the other. Time for the cats to adjust and accept Lucky as a new member of our blended family, and time for Lucky to realize that these cats are not prey or toys. Fortunately, one cat was raised by two Dachshunds in her lifetime and if I was a betting person, my money would be on Loki training Lucky.

Time will tell…


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