OMG, My cat is a Millennial!

mil03As I was looking down at “Miss Needy” this morning, I realized that she’s a true Millennial or Meowlennial.  Loki (her real name) was born April 15, 2004 placing her on the high end of the Gen Y or Z Millennial generation chart depending on the source you reference. She was always a needy, clingy, little high maintenance thing and one of the reasons she had to be adopted by us. She was the runt of the litter which no one wanted except the ‘big cats’ which picked on her (according to her former owner) so she was always coddled and carried most of her early days. We had also just lost Molly Brown rather suddenly due to teeth cleaning (we were told she simply did not wake up from anesthesia). Anyway, after posting Molly Brown’s death online we were contacted about “the kitten”. When Loki came to us, she was instantly adopted by our 17 year old Dachshund at the time (Baby) and after her passing, when we were contacted to take in another Dachshund (Rusty) he too became a surrogate mother to her.  Needless to say, every good & bad trait associated with a Dachshund has been generously passed on to this cat.

Anyway, let’s look at Millennials and cats shall we?  Hmmm, what do they all have in common?  In general they share quite a number of characteristics…

Signs my cat is a Millennial!


She loves to drink bottled water! It doesn’t matter if it’s spring water or distilled as long as it is NOT TAP and preferably with ice cubes. Since pets have more scent receptors than humans, I can only assume they smell chemicals they don’t appreciate in the water provided by the City.



She’s into urban calisthenics to stay fit and keep up her hunting skills sharp. Her daily workout consists of pawing her tracks, running through chutes & tunnels, jumping, fetching balls and plenty of climbing. Also loved playing tag with Rusty!



She loves travel & adventure! It’s all about the experience. There is nothing more adventuresome than wanting to expand your horizons by traveling (other than to the vet) to experience new sights and smells.


She’s frugal and loves rewards & paw point programs! There is no shame in being rewarded for a product you love and use daily. Yes, she’s loves Fresh Step cat litter and the things she can buy with her points to maintain her lifestyle without bothering the human. To date, she has redeemed points for fleece blankets, a “tower of tracks” and gift cards for her bowls, catnip & toys!


She’s technology saavy and addicted to technology. That spool of yarn is no longer her primary time waster. She has almost as many apps as her human (joking)! For mental stimulation there is nothing more challenging than testing your paws and mind on your  smartphone or iPad.


She is social. 

Cats were worshiped in ancient Egypt and thanks to the internet they still are. Not only are cats obsessed with the internet, the internet is obsessed with cats: cat videos, cat memes, cats on instagram, cats on facebook, snapchat, reddit, flickr, and the list goes on. They’re social creatures when online and influence humans and other cats with their antics, poses, check-ins and reviews. Of course, it goes without saying she’s learning from such greats as Grumpy Cat and posts online to Instagram even during her visit to the vet.


For quick jaunts around the property or neighborhood she contacts her very own personal“Huber” (Human+Uber) driver to bring out her favorite stroller or hiking backpack.


It’s all about appearances and entertaining. She’d rather starve to death than eat or drink from a stainless steel bowl. After all, a cat does have a few standards to maintain and ‘what if’ one of her canine friends should stop by to visit?



In the workplace she is not lazy. She has the ability to think outside the box with a strong drive to achieve and be rewarded with catnip.



She loves to pose for the camera! She has her “go-to poses” at the ready.


I’m such a puss. I wouldn’t be a cat if I didn’t love the occasional canned StarKist tuna which goes against all the media hoopla against canned tuna and can openers. Yes, I love tuna and DO NOT know how to use a can opener! On the other hand, I’m lucky to have a human servant that does!



Most of all she loves Selfies…

Is your cat a Millennial?


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