Dachshunds & their love of toys!

hoarderDachshunds love toys almost as much as they love food and blankets.  Small toys, large toys, squeekie toys, talking toys, chew toys, plush toys, throwing toys, the cats’ toys, and squeekie toys again! There is no such thing as too many toys or too many blankets when it comes to a Dachshund.

Toy ownership is serious business for a dachshund. They work hard at playing, rotating, chasing, shaking, biting, fetching, pulling, dragging, pouncing on, and plain old fashion evisceration and destroying toys. Every Dachshund I have owned seems to come with a record keeping method that has been passed down through generations of breeding. Without paper and pencil, these savvy little dogs know the number of toys they own, the location of each and every toy, whether the toy is new or “pre-owned” and oh goodness… the most important thing… whether one is missing!

Rusty, much like Baby (my last Dachshund) will “inventory” his toys nightly before going toPICT1800 bed. Seriously, he’ll go through the house rearranging all his toys. The favorites will be brought to one section of the bed where a pyramid is built and they can be “guarded” against the cats (And yes, Loki loves playing with his toys). A second “toy pyramid” is normally constructed by the food & water dishes in the kitchen to either honor the food God or to sound the alarm when a human accidentally steps on one while trying to “sneak” in there for late night snacks. The rest of the toys are scattered around the house, in his toy tent, or on his various beds until ready to be played with or destroyed when he’s mad.

Does Rusty remember each and every toy? It’s a Dachshund, what do you think? Hide one on the kitchen counter and when he does his “toy check” you’ll see him going through the house looking for that one particular toy and barking. I’ve also tried to pass off an old toy as “new” (a real no no) which  he considers an insult to his intelligence and will promptly return it to one of his toy piles for later play and still expect a “new” one. I may be losing my mind and I should know it’s impossible, but I’d  swear dachshunds have a photographic memory where toys are concerned and snacks are hidden. This is when you remember that Dachshunds are smart not stupid!

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