Is the Easter Lily Toxic to Dogs?

doglilyThere are no documented cases of the Easter Lily being toxic to dogs. Any upset stomach, gastrointestinal upset, or internal obstruction a canine may experience is from the chemicals (insecticides, fungicides) that were used to treat the Lily or from your dog eating a large amount of plant material that its digestive system is not used to. While the effects are typically mild in most dogs (nausea and vomiting), senior dogs and those with underlying medical issues could experience more serious signs.  The severity of symptoms can vary on the amount of plant matter ingested, age of dog, health of dog, weight of dog, and time lapse between ingestion and evaluation. The best prevention to protect both your plants and dog’s stomach are to keep the plants out of reach of your dog.

Typical signs in dogs:



Should your dog experience excessive vomiting or diarrhea, a veterinary visit may be required to avoid dehydration and/or abdominal tenderness which accompanies the above symptoms.


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